What is your EmailPush account's status

What is your EmailPush account's status


An account that is "Active" can submit an email, purchase credit, and send an email.

Under Review

EmailPush has many automated systems and staff that monitor accounts and email delivery.

There are many reasons why an account may be placed "Under Review". And it is important to remember that this is a temporary status. While an account is Under Review, email delivery is paused and credit cannot be purchased. However, email can still be submitted and in the likely event that the account is reactivated then any email submitted before and during the review will be placed back into the queue and sent.

When an account is placed Under Review, you will need to take action to have the account reactivated. But in all cases, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Support team.


Should your account be placed into a Disabled status, you will almost certainly need to contact our Support team for more information.

While an account has a Disabled status you will not be able to log in, submit emails, or access the account in any way. Any email that was in progress would be immediately canceled. Any links in emails that have already been sent will be blocked with a warning message to recipients that happen to click on the links.

Typically there is a fairly profound security risk or a violation of the EmailPush terms of service that has prompted this to occur.

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